Together We Advance!

Beginning October 4, 2020, we will be gathering at our new location on Sunday mornings. Thank you for your partnership in advancing the Gospel! 


Dear TVH Family,

On Sunday, May 31st, we are planning to gather on the front lawn of The Victory House for our Sunday morning service. Although we’ll have to make adjustments due to the pandemic, we are grateful and excited to be together for a corporate expression of worship! There is nothing like being together in the presence of the Lord! ALLELUIA!

We want to thank everyone who has helped to make the last 20 services possible during the quarantine. Yes, 20 services including both Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights! Thank you for your prayers, generosity, and incredible support. Truly, together we advance! 

As we cautiously proceed, we will be enjoying a morning of worship, preaching, and testimony. We are asking everyone to take the necessary precautions as we gather together. We recognize there will be challenges presented, as our corporate expression is one of closeness and mutual affection in the Lord. However, our heart is to honor the Lord and each other through making the necessary adjustments in this season as we gather during unprecedented times. The follow information will ensure a safe and enjoyable morning for all. 


There will be three locations available to enjoy the service on Sunday morning:

  1. Sitting on your lawn chair or blanket on the front lawn of TVH or on the side church parking lot.
  2. For those not quite ready for a public gathering, you can watch and listen to the service from the comfort of your own car in the parking lot directly across Main St. from the church. 
  3. Watch at home via Livestream. We will be streaming the service both to Facebook and Youtube! We will send the links out on Sunday morning. 

What to bring:

In many ways, coming to church will be like going to the beach (minus sand & water!:). Each family will be responsible to please bring the following: 

  1. Lawn chairs or picnic-style blanket to sit on. We do have a limited amount of lawn chairs, but we hope to have them available for any visitors who join us, so bringing your own is much appreciated. 
  2. Hand sanitizer. The church has a supply of hand sanitizer, but we are asking for families to bring their own hand sanitizer in order to prolong the limited church supply. We are always accepting donations! 
  3. Please bring plenty of water to drink. 
  4. We have a tent on the front lawn with limited seating. There will be room on the front parking lot and the sides of the tent to sit. Please bring an umbrella to keep the sun off of you and your family if tent space is full. 
  5. Applying sunblock before service is also encouraged.

What to expect:

  1. We encourage you to come ready to engage in the service. We realize being outside has its own set of challenges and distractions. We believe that being engaged will send a clear message of hope to our community! 
  2. SAFETY: We will not be having Victory Kids Children’s ministry this Sunday, so we are asking that all children be closely monitored by parents/guardians at all times—before, during, and after service. Please, keep children far away from the road. 
  3. SOCIAL DISTANCING: In accordance with the CDC guidelines for social distancing during Phase One in VA, we ask that each person/family adhere to the six-foot space between seating during service (families may sit together). We realize this will be difficult once service is over, but we are asking that the six-foot spacing continues as we enjoy an abbreviated post service fellowship time. This will ensure that we will be able to continue to meet on the front lawn as long as necessary. Masks are optional for outdoor gatherings. Air hugs are encouraged! 
  4. BATHROOMS: The church building will be closed except for bathroom use. Please access the bathrooms through the front bottom doors. There will be a friendly usher stationed to ensure there is one person at a time in the building for bathroom use. We are asking that parents please accompany their children.
  5. All ushers, greeters, and TVH workers will have clearly marked lanyards for your assistance. 

Cancellation procedure:

We are watching the weather closely. If we are unable to gather on any Sunday morning due to thunderstorms or extreme temperatures, we will send out an immediate email and Victory Blast, as well as updating our TVH Facebook page. 

Again, we want to express how excited we are to come together and lift up the Name of Jesus! We thank you in advance for reading through this important information and sharing it with your family so that we can gather in safety and honor toward the Lord, each other, and our governing authorities. As always, please feel free to reach out via email with any questions you may have regarding our Sunday service. 

“May the Lord bless us and establish the work of our hands for us!” Psalm 90:17

Hope to see you Sunday!

To The King!

Pastor Nick, Jackie and the TVH staff & Advisory Team

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