PASTOR'S LATEST SERIES "i'm (just) a dad"

Pastor's open and honest dialogue about being a dad. What does that mean to be a dad? How can dad's be all that God has called them be? Watch and join the movement that doesn't accept the status quo and strives to impact the next generation right at home!

JEsus is the Victory!

Jesus came to give life and life abundantly! He is the God of complete and radical transformation! For if anyone is in Christ they are a NEW creation. God doesn't just tweek or change us, He completely TRANSFORMS us by the power of His Spirit. We believe that this is the day of God's great outpouring and our desire is to a part of the great revival that will sweep America! All are invited to come and experience the love and presence of the Almighty God!

                                                              To The King,

                                                                           Pastor Nick and Jackie Koopalethes